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That is when she decides to try stage acting.

When her too-large costume begins to droop mid-scene, Fuller simply lifts her skirt and spins around. The audience approves, and suddenly a dance sensation is created and Loie is born.

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Soon she will seek her fortune in Paris and become a sensation at the Folies-Bergere. But not before she meets her prime benefactor and semi-consort, the vampire-like composite character of Count Louis Dorsay Gaspard Ulliel , who likes his rooms dark as tombs, his sexual partners for hire and his mood-altering ether readily available. There are too many scenes of Fuller physically and mentally suffering for her art as she questions if what she does actually qualifies as dance. How many times do we need to see her soak her body in a vat of ice?

And, overall, the editing feels weighed down rather than spritely, as one would hope for a film about freedom of movement. DNF page Too many missing commas and it was extremely annoying trying to read this.

The Artist and The Dancer

Does this author not use an editor at all? May 24, MM rated it it was ok. This book is OTT. While I appreciated the slower pace to the relationship, this book was way too long and the characters really lacked any substance. We don't really get to know about them beyond some surface facts and their attraction to each other. Max is way to aggressive at the beginning for my taste, he's always manhandling Anna and is incredibly bossy for knowing h This book is OTT.

Max is way to aggressive at the beginning for my taste, he's always manhandling Anna and is incredibly bossy for knowing her for such a brief period of time. It's such a turnoff to me when a book has a lot of dialogue that contains words that are in all capital letters, excessive cussing not that I'm against cussing, it's just not the type of writing style I enjoy , or sentences ending in "! Overall the book is well written, could've used another pass with an editor for grammar, spelling, and general word choice.

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I felt like there was some issues with continuity mainly regarding Anna's schooling. She was going Columbia at the beginning of the book and then it's not mentioned in the second half of the book at all. May 18, Sarielle Reads rated it it was amazing Shelves: sarielle-s-collections , best-reads. May 22, Rasluz rated it it was ok. The story line is better than the previous book that I'd read. The Characters is a bit more reasonable but the flaw is I feel like it too long and unnecessary line are too much and even though how long the book is the story developing is nothing too improve.

Heart Of The Dancer

I wish the writer have a good editor to works with her. This book makes me feel lost sometime in between the story and have to skim a lot because the H is thinking the samething too much. Actually I'm not a fan when she wrote other books that The story line is better than the previous book that I'd read. Actually I'm not a fan when she wrote other books that full of abuse, rape, or sexual assault but lamely twist it into love. Keep improve!

May 20, Dena rated it really liked it Shelves: donebooks-read. Characters rule This was different in the sense it was in the guys POV. I really enjoyed his perspective. He was trying throughout the book to find a way for her to love him even with his issues. I get that he was confused which was the same for her.

I liked when he got his stuff together because it made it easier for her to be with him. Overall I liked the characters and I hope we get to see some of them in another book from them. May 19, alessandra rated it it was amazing. Great read!

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  • I've been jonesing for a Jordan Silver book and I must say so worth the wait!!! A full novel, the sweetest love story and no shortage of Ms. Silver's heat wink wink sizzle. Max and Anna were perfect. I loved the whole cast! Really hope there is a follow up Seriously we'll done!!! Don't miss this one!

    The Dancer movie review & film summary () | Roger Ebert

    May 21, Tina Lee rated it really liked it. Love it! I love the storyline and the characters although I wish Max was a little more alpha. I enjoyed reading this book , but got bogged down at times, especially in the beginning by the constant rambling of Max's thoughts. That's the only thing that brought this story down for me. Too much time was spent telling the story and not enough allowing the reader to experience it for themselves. With that said, I still loved it.

    The Dancer portfolio

    May 20, J. A rated it did not like it. May 21, Kerri rated it it was amazing. Excellent story Modern day hot alpha rescues damsel in distress type of book.

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    The story obviously has more plot than my short description and is definitely worth reading. Miss Jordan did a fantastic job demonizing the villians and maybe I'm just a little revenge thirsty but I wish there was more "payback" to antagonists of the story a trait the author is very good at in prior stories. Jul 19, Lely rated it it was amazing.

    I was expecting a short smutty story when I started this one, boy was I wrong. The author made me fall hard for everyone in this book. She took her time and really developed her story, giving us a great H and h and awesome secondary characters.

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    This novel took me on a ride I didn't want to end. I want more from this couple! I can't wait to read more from this author. Aug 14, Vixen rated it really liked it. Also that she fall at his feet, but made him work for for the first time in his life. Loved how crazy he got for her, she had some trust issues with what her father did, but resolved in the end.

    May 17, amanda welch rated it it was amazing. Anna and Max I loved this story! I laughed until I almost cried when she gave him attitude and him being a "typical" man, didn't know how to respond. Seeing the bond between brother and sister is so sweet and I'm hoping we get a book for Travis and for Max' s best friend Tony. I highly recommend this book!! May 24, Fabiola Cadet-Destil rated it it was amazing. Definitely Recommend This book was long overdue Miss Jordan Silver, it's been a long time since I've read a longer story from you, I loved it! You brought everything to this story, you didn t pull no punches l.

    May 22, Joyce rated it really liked it.