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  1. The Political Economy of Microfinance
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Foundations of Business Economics : Markets and Prices.

The Political Economy of Microfinance

Zloch-Christy, Iliana. Fleming, Alexander. Islam, Roumeen. Collier, Paul; Dollar, David. Inside Secrets to Finding a Career in Travel. Kotabe, Masaaki. Trade Policy in Developing Countries. Quantitative Models in Marketing Research. Africa and Asia in Comparative Economic Perspective.

Lawrence, Peter R. Albritton, Robert.

Bestselling Series

Hyperinnovation : Multidimensional Enterprise in the Connected Economy. The International Handbook of Corporate Finance. Terry, Brian J. Portfolio Theory and Capital Markets. Pratt, Shannon P.

Asset Allocation : Balancing Financial Risk. Canadian Dictionary of Finance and Investment Terms. Chen, John-ren. The Economics of Risk and Time. The Global Economy and International Financing. Bank Strategies and Challenges in the New Europe. Gardener, Edward P. Haldane's Best Cover Letters for Professionals. Introduction to Human Resource Management. Human Resource Management : Theory and Practice.

Camp, Richaurd R. Salas, Eduardo. Managing Diversity--the Courage to Lead. PeopleSoft Application Development Tools. The Power of Positive Criticism. Shaping the Adaptive Organization.

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Net Ready : Strategies for Success in the E-conomy. Burke, W. Managing Up! The Complete Guide to Home Business. Dictionary of International Business Terms. Pande, Peter S. Blinder, A. Financial entropy and the optimality of over-regulation. World Scientific, Singapore. Chen, B. Frontiers of Economics in China, 7 3 : Chow, D. Can the United States impose trade sanctions on china for currency manipulation? Costinot, A. Journal of the European Economic Association, 7 5 : Coughlin, C. Measuring international trade policy: a primer on trade restrictiveness indices.

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review, 92 5 : Protectionist trade policies: A survey of theory, evidence, and rationale. International political economy: perspectives on global power and wealth, Ed: Jeffry A. Frieden, , Routledge, London, UK. Dixon, P.

Risk in International Finance - Vikash Yadav - كتب Google

Optimal tariffs: should Australia cut automotive tariffs unilaterally?. Economic Record, 86 : Draper, T.


American business and public policy: The politics of foreign trade. Routledge, London, UK. Feldstein, M. Tax avoidance and the deadweight loss of the income tax. Review of Economics and Statistics, 81 4 : Findlay, R. Britain under protection: an examination of the government's protectionist policy.

Fletcher, I. Why the theory of comparative advantage is wrong. International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education, 2 4 : Fong, G. Export dependence versus the new protectionism: constraints on trade policy in the industrial world.

Political Risk, James Tompkins

George, H. Protection or free trade: an examination of the tariff question, with especial regard to the interests of labour.

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Ghosh, J. Trumponomics and the developing world. New agenda. Harberger, A. A conversation with Arnold Harberger. Annual Review of Resource Economics, 4 1 : Hsiang, A. Power Transition: The US vs. China in Latin America. Irwin, D. Trade restrictiveness and deadweight losses from US tariffs. American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, 2 3 : Peddling protectionism: Smoot-Hawley and the great depression.

Jakupec, V. Trumponomics: From foreign trade to foreign aid. Leibniz Online, Springer, Berlin, Germany. Krugman, P.

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And the trade war came. Lee, C. US competes with China for influence in Cuba. The Wall Street Journal. Locke, R. Trumponomics, firm governance and US prosperity. Real-world Economics Review, 79 : Ojo, M. Oliver, T.