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I'm cool with that sounds great and when you do it, that's the game.

I remember when I was a kid, they never let me ask any questions. The teeth should be like Alright boys and girls everybody open up your books to Page 50 - two.

Evolution Is Stupid!

Alright kids look at the diagram. Check this out a long long time ago. Then we turned into this circus Carnival Freak show looking thing. How come monkeys are the only animals that were ever allowed to turn into people. There's no two -legged giraffe for the short neck walk around vaping cuz it ain't Not to mention the fact we still got monkeys. What that guy used to be a freaking duck stupid. The science teacher lady came up to me after show one time right, she comes out.

Evolution Is Stupid!

She's eyes. That's all I talk right. She didn't do that and make it look stupid. She got some lemon when I think I think you just make fun of things you don't understand. I was like I can live with that. There's she goes. We've always had monkeys just like we do now. That's not a long time ago. These monkey stayed monkeys. These monkeys became people. Yeah, I don't love the better that campfire you know.

I'm sick of this crap. I wanna be a dude yeah. Stephen Science is Stephen. I'm sorry, but I don't believe it. I don't wanna ruin what you spend your life doing but. But your grasp of physics is not.

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The Second Law of Thermodynamics roughly states that energy can only flow from a hot body to a cold one in a closed system, and that the measure of this is called entropy, which only ever increases. Alas living things are not closed systems. Your problem here is really with physics. Can you take it up with those guys please? Christ alive, to be excluded from that club for being a bit dim is harsh.

Are you in the wrong list?

Evolution Is Stupid and so is Atheism

What about cheese? Or pottery? Or tiny tiny bats? The best-fit theory currently is in white smoker hydrothermal vents around four billion years ago, where an energetic disequilibrium provided by proton gradients swirled in and out of porous serpentenised olivine submarine rock. More details in Creation , by me, out now! Thanks for asking! Interesting theology.

Decent evolutionary biologists support neither intelligent design nor panspermia.

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There are literally thousands of transitional fossils — ones that show features in common with distinct later species. I like Tiktaalik the best, an ugly brute with some fishy gills, land-lubbing lungs, and some bits that were in between a wrist joint connecting to fins. Yes, well spotted. Clever eh? Do all you guys have beards?

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Evolution is a fact: species change over time. Even Ken Ham acknowledges this. Evolution by Natural Selection is a theory in the scientific sense , meaning a set of testable, predictive structures and ideas that explain the observed facts. Wait, what? Who said that? Science is a way of knowing stuff. Mutations that add or change function?

Increased genetic diversity in a population? Evolution makes no sense at all. I just don't see how any intelligent person could believe such nonsense. I mean, have you ever seen an ape that could be taught to do algebra? Other than the most basic skills which a dog can also be taught , an ape does not have the capacity to learn anywhere near the human level.

Apes are dumb! You can say a dog is smart and it might be , but it can't logic like a human being can. Furthermore, if we evolved from a lower species, then why is it that the apes didn't evolve in the evolutionary process? Come on folks, you don't need a PHD post hole digger to figure this out.

source site They don't exist. This is what is known as the "missing link" by evolutionists. Science by it's very definition means "the study of. Not only is evolution not observable, it is not testable or repeatable in a lab. Dinosaur fossils don't prove anything except that they existed. Whether dinosaurs existed in Biblical times or during a pre-Adamic period is debatable amongst theologians.

Creationism and evolution tackled head-on in science lessons - Guardian Investigations

Many preachers believe that Lucifer operated a kingdom upon the earth prior to Genesis The Bible does support this theory with credible evidence. This is commonly known as the "gap theory. Evolution is for stupid people, stupid because they refuse to acknowledge the Word of God in their life.