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I do need some bark and plants like you said for moisture though. I had read on many websites that the temp should be between F and over F at times. From experience and your reply I can clearly soo you are right. They will only come out of their homes with the light off. Just one last question sorry. Have you ever heard of a scorpion overeating? They are all different. Some very uninformative.

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I am very gratefull to have found your site. Thank You So Much once again for your quick informative reply. You are awesome.

+ Unique Female Dog Names by Category | PetHelpful

Yes, scorpions are very much aware of their environment, despite being more or less blind. The tiny hairs they possess are incredibly sensitive to changes in air pressure the most sensitive known, and basically unchanged for millions of years , and chemo-sensing abilities also help them to form a good picture of where they are and what is happening. Glad they have settled in. However, many species, including emperor scorpions, utilize micro-habitats that are vastly different from the general habitat in terms of temperature, humidity, etc. The classic example is the Gila monster lizard, which lives in one of the hottest, driest places on earth.

So zoos kept them hot and dry, and the lizards did poorly, spending most of their time lying in water bowls. They eat big meals each year, and move about only during the breeding season. Emperor scorpions are also very good at avoiding temperature extremes. Scorpions seem rather individualistic in this regard — perhaps it depends upon where within their range they originated. Some will gorge until the body plates are stretched apart, revealing the underlying exoskeleton layer; others take only a cricket or 2 every few days. Gravid females eat a great deal early on, and then slow down.

As the young develop the female will appear ready to burst — this usually comes on rather quickly, i. Let them eat heavily for now, as they may be making up for lost time while in transit, then please write back and let me know how they are doing. I have not heard of scorpions consuming sand or earth, but watch them…many animals do so, in order to obtain salts and minerals. Please let me know if you see anything interesting. Many serious hobbyists are making great strides in invertebrate husbandry, more so than zoos in many cases, but many people also seem to enjoy seeing their ideas or opinions in print, regardless of the validity of what is being written.

The inter net is a great research tool, but unfortunately you need to be able to evaluate the writer before accepting any advice as there is no peer review or fact-checking of posted information in most cases. For subjects with which I am unfamiliar, I always turn to books. Books published by reputable publishing houses must pass rigid evaluations by several experts in the field in question, and are therefore far more reliable than most inter net sites.

Good luck and please keep me posted. Hey Frank I wanted to thank you for you very helpfull information on my emperor scorpion.. I really would like to have a few differant species..

Looking for an Awesome Name for Your New Female Puppy or Dog?

Rather than just the emperor.. I have been looking into the desert hairy scorpion… And I read what substrate of course its gonna be sand.. But my question is would it be safe for the scorpion if I use the play sand that goes into like sand boxes or does it have to be a certain kind of sand… Also any information that you have to offer as far as their habitat and basically anything would be great… Ok another thing how can you tell if a scorpion is gravid or is there no certain way to tell..

Well thanks again…. Regular sand is technically okay, however scorpions are quite sensitive to pesticides and other chemicals that may find their way into the sand. Also, since the sand will be dry, burrows do not usually hold up well. I prefer something like Zoo Med Repti-Sand , which has no harmful chemicals or other additives.

List of fictional dogs in live-action film

I find that mixing in some aquarium gravel is also useful when keeping burrowing scorpions, as it helps the burrows retain their structure. Desert hairy scorpions often burrow near or below cover, so add some bark on the surface as well. They need only be misted lightly every other day or so, and be sure the tank dries out. A small water bowl can be offered once weekly, but most of their water comes via food. Provide as much variety as possible — waxworms, newly molted mealworms, etc.

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They often go off feed, perhaps keyed to an internal cycle, but this is not a concern if they are in good weight. The type of swelling exhibited by gravid females is slightly different than that of one that is merely heavy, but I think you need to see quite a few up close in order to notice the difference. To be honest, I have often been surprised by babies, even after working with many species long term.

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Gravid females often feed heavily, then cease and become either shy or aggressive, but again this varies greatly among individual scorpions. Newly acquired scorpions are often stressed by shipping and the change in their environments. The behavior you describe usually means the scorpion is seeking a secure hiding place or that the environment is too hot or too dry. Try providing at least 6 inches of substrate into which the scorpion can burrow, preferably a material that helps to maintain the structure of the burrow i. Coconut Husk and Jungle Earth Reptile bedding. Be sure to provide plenty of cover in the form of cork bark etc.

If you observe your scorpion at night, do not put the lights on in an otherwise dark room, as this can startle the animal they are nearly blind, but do sense light and dark. A night viewing bulb is a good option if you wish to watch the animal after dark, when it will be most active. Gravid females often become very stressed if they can not find a safe retreat, so be sure to make any necessary changes as soon as possible. Guess that means they are content. I keep the terrarium shady and slightly damp, and drop in a few crickets a couple times a week. Once cicada season starts, I will try them on a cicada or two and see if they like those as much as my flat-rock does.

So far so good! Night viewing bulbs may help you to observe the scorpions after dark. I was wondering if I could send you some more pictures.. Maybe get you too positively ID my emperor scorpion… I have seen alot of red claw scorpions and mine has a redish color to it.. Again im not for sure… Thanks again for all your help and information….

You can send the photos to findiviglio thatpetplace. But, as you mention, I will not likely be able to add to what you already know. Emperors vary greatly in appearance throughout their range, with some looking, at least externally, very much like red claws.

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As you know, the comb-like pectines located on the underside of the scorpion, and pictured in your photos, are mainly used to sense the substrate and potential mates. The pectines in your first photo appear slightly longer than those in the second, so I would agree that the first animal may be a male. Another somewhat useful point of reference is the tail…those of males are slightly thinner, and the segments are proportionally longer, than those of females.

Males are, in general, smaller and of a lighter build than females. I would say that both are emperor scorpions, but as you know there is a great deal of variety among various populations of both emperors and red claws. Thank you for you answer.. But the information that you have given me was enough to put me at ease.. I think that it is really cool watching them… i try not to handle them too often..

I have had many reports of scorpions feeding and drinking ravenously once they settle into new homes. I believe it is as you suggest, they may not have fed well while in transit or at the place of purchase. Gravid females sometimes, but not always, also go through a period of heavy feeding, followed by a fast.

I enjoy the exchange; also, this field is my passion, and am glad for the opportunity to do some good if possible. Just wanted to inform you. When I asked how to tell if a scorpion was gravid…. She was gravid… From what I could count in the short time I took from looking at her.. Maybe about scorplings.. Very nice looking little critter… Any advice on how to keep them alive.. She had them on the 8th.. Anykind of advice would do great… Thanks.. Great news, thanks! Some females are quite bold, and will carry on as usual…others may become high strung, in which case you may want to cover the terrarium with a black cloth, leaving just some space for observation usually this is not necessary.

Keep an eye on humidity, as the young will be more sensitive than the adult.