e-book Bad Seeds : A FriendsEAT Guide to GMO and Monsanto

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Case in point: the USDA is woefully understaffed, under-budgeted, and only perfunctorily carries out inspections.

Monsanto CEO on debate over GMO and food labeling

A recent OMB Watch report highlights the problem. In FY , it had about workers per billion pounds of meat and poultry inspected. By FY , it was fewer than 88 or less than half as many. Yet under federal law, FSIS must inspect all meat, poultry, and egg products intended for commercial use. Reality, however, belies the mandate as processors and manufacturers easily circumvent procedures, and according to inspectors interviewed, understaffing and lax policies contribute to the problem.

Rca Model Rc Printable @esdrogapliacoy.gq

An unsafe food supply results. Government policy is to blame, and current legislation is for other purposes, not a way to fix things. HR and companion bills are for agribusiness, not improved food safety. They believe this and companion bills are vehicles to let agribusiness control the entire US food supply, destroy independent local farming, and end the production of healthy organic food.

Bad Seeds : A FriendsEAT Guide to GMO and Monsanto

They may be right. The science came out of US research labs in the s when no one noticed or paid attention. Monsanto is the dominant producer, a company with a long record of fraud, cover-up, bribery, deceit, and disdain for the public interest, yet it has enormous clout in Washington. In the s, and especially under GHW Bush, it got unregulated free reign for its operations. A Bush Executive Order assured it. Already an Ohio state agricultural department swat team raided an organic food coop. The same thing happened to Pennsylvania Mennonite farmers and Wisconsin Amish ones.

Other independents have been terrorized by home break-ins, burglaries, and treetop helicopter over-flights scaring animals to death. Ones in the UK led to 60 suicides and in India to over , They want it all, everywhere, and have complicit government allies to help them, here and abroad. Agribusiness wants the same rights everywhere, including in America.

If they get it, the future of organic and independent farming will be threatened. It focuses solely on ensuring supermarket food safety. Already, some areas of the country ban seed cleaning. Monsanto is likely involved, and the scheme is to claim the equipment produces contamination. To prevent it, Ag giants want provisions that require expensive storage facilities, per line of seed.

But HR claims it does. Today, pro-industry laws have the same effect because Ag giants like Monsanto demand them. If they succeed, biodiversity and organic farming are at risk along with public health and safety to a greater degree than already given the amount of tainted and dangerous foods allowed, not addressed in HR Its provisions are Ag business-friendly, but destructive to small competitors by establishing heavy fines, imprisonment, onerous rules, and letting regulators interpret them as they wish. But some are industry funded so look the other way when they should know better.

HR and its companion bills are under consideration in committees, not yet voted into law. Agribusiness wants total control over every step in the production, processing, distribution, storage, and marketing of foods to consumers. Using the ruse of food safety and security, they aim to eliminate competition to have it all and replace wholesome foods with unsafe GMOs. Congress is willing to go along. And why not. Representatives like DeLauro get large Ag business contributions. But, is cereal really good for us or is it just processed junk food?

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As a result, we cannot give you a definitive yes or no answer. When it comes to safety, the FDA has determined that foods developed through this process are no different than foods developed by traditional plant breeding. Finally, all of our products worldwide comply with all applicable food laws and labeling requirements. Quaker relies on and supports the regulatory agencies charged with safeguarding our food supply when sourcing ingredients for our products. Millions of Americans feed this to their kids. The ingredients in the U.

They also removed partially hydrogenated oils linked to up to 7, deaths per year and BHT for our friends overseas. My favorite is their cinnamon raisin flavor. As there are chia seeds in this one, you can also make a yummy pudding by pouring nut milk over it and letting it sit in the fridge for about 25 minutes. Parfait Porridge — I regularly make this recipe and like to make several at once to keep in the fridge for a few days.

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  8. If you know someone in your household still eating unhealthy cereal everyday, please share this post with them! I know you are going to love it! Find out what to buy and where at the top grocery stores near you. If you purchase a product through an affiliate, sponsorship or partnership link, your cost will be the same or at a discount if a special code is offered and Food Babe will benefit from the purchase. Your support is crucial because it helps fund this blog and helps us continue to spread the word. Thank you. One common thread with many grain foods is glyphosate round-up.

    There are scant few research papers on harm A. Smasel was one of the only papers on the web a few years ago. This paper has undeniable proof of the harm.

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    I think pharming has many dangers to all of us ……Cerial Killers. A good strategy to wean off cereal altogether is just get a box of the better stuff that Vani recommends, and eat it a few times a week as a dessert. The grains and sweetening products spike blood sugar high and it falls back quickly, leaving the person hungry again and looking for a snack before lunch. Eggs, bacon, sausage. Those are better choices.

    Or else chia seed pudding made with nut milks or some oatmeal. Great job Vani. Thanks for all the hard work you do! The Mesa cereal is gluten free too.

    Clean Food Earth Woman

    Been meaning to call to see if this is Castorium. I have seen other products with this seal that still have questionable ingredients. I have questioned the same thing Erin. Maybe Vani can answer that one ….

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    7. Some Kaschi cereals are organic and supposedly non-GMO while others are not. There are a few companies like that which walk both sides of the organic aisle. Kettle Chips is another. Perhaps that is the discrepancy. Anyone know if they were bought out in the last year or so? Yet, Kelloggs is still selling Kaschi to the unsuspecting organic crowd and making money off them to use to fight against our right to know.

      That makes them a Traitor Organic brand and should be boycotted at all costs. Yet, by some miracle, the human race has survived!!!

      Are you eating harmful food additives?

      They are completely different. As others better than I have noted, hybridization would likely have taken millions of years to include genes from viruses, bacteria, and insecticides. In the meantime, humans would have had plenty of time to adapt. Even hybridization gives ample time for humans and animals to adapt because hybridization works quite slowly. In the case of GMOs, these short-sighted gene-meddlers are randomly changing key components of our food supply in less than a generation giving us no time to adapt.

      On top of that, they are limiting the food supply to one variety of each type of crop. If any disease takes hold, it will wipe out an entire commodity due to so little variation. Variation is what keeps diseases at bay. And if that variation is similar across different crops, such as insecticide in both corn and soy, a single crop disease could wipe out multiple commodities at once.

      There is a HUGE difference between what the Frankensteins at Monsanto are doing and farmers splicing together two apple trees, or selecting seeds from the best crop of corn. Thankfully, other countries are stepping up to stop these assaults.

      eqakakyqad.tk You are grasping at straws. Even the World Health Organization says the same. As for your comment on nature, give it a rest. Sure, a volcano can suddenly erupt or a flood quickly inundate the surroundings or even a comet randomly strike somewhere. If we all started in Africa, how do blondes exist? Perhaps in the snow laden northern climes, hairless blondes were better able to blend in to the snowy surroundings better than their darker peers. Still took many generations for that change to take effect. As for people tinkering with genetics, read up on it.

      They are striking many random genes in addition to the couple they think they want to change. However, how might those errant changes alter the food content?