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Heath argues that not only does the God of the Old Testament bear a striking resemblance…. Edited by David B. Hollander , Thomas R. Blanton IV , John T. Recent work on the ancient economy has tended to concentrate on market exchange, but other forces also caused goods to change hands. Such nonmarket transfers ranged from small private gifts to the wholesale confiscation of cities, lands, and their peoples. The papers presented in this volume…. Everyone can name a couple made up of famous, rich, or powerful partners, who cultivate a joint media image which is stronger than either of their individual identities.

Yet while the term is recent, the concept is not. More than 2,…. By Graham Wrightson. Combined Arms Warfare in Ancient Greece examines the timelines of military developments that led from the hoplite-based armies of the ancient Greeks to the hugely successful and multi-faceted armies of Philip II, Alexander the Great, and his Successors. It concentrates on the introduction and….

Pushing the Boundaries of Historia collects together 20 chapters, whose coverage extends from the prehistory of Greece through early Christianity in the Roman Empire to the reception of classical texts by contemporary playwrights and poets. The essays range beyond Greece and Rome to the ancient….

By Bruce Louden. Only more recently, however, has come the realization that Greek culture is also a prominent source of…. Edited by Bruce M. King , Lillian Doherty. This volume, from an international and interdisciplinary cohort of scholars, offers independent-minded essays about central Greek texts and about the relation of social theory and comparative method to the study of archaic and classical Greek literature.

CRC Press Online - Series: Routledge Monographs in Classical Studies

It is in honour of James M. Redfield, whose…. Edited by A. Berkovitz , Mark Letteney. A historian must not only analyze the content and context of ancient sources, but also the structures of power, authority, and political contingency that account for their transmission, preservation, and…. By Lauren Kinnee. The study spans Archaic Greece through the Augustan Principate. Kinnee aims to create a holistic view of this complex monument-type by….

By Phillip Harding.

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During the heady, democratic days of the fifth and fourth centuries, the poorer members of Athenian society, the lower two classes of zeugitai and thetes, enjoyed an unprecedented dominance in both domestic and foreign politics. At home, the participatory nature of the constitution required their…. By Vasily Rudich. Unlike his earlier books, it deals not with political dissidence, but with religious dissent, especially in its violent form.

By Osman Umurhan. By Kelly Olson. In Masculinity and Dress in Roman Antiquity, Olson argues that clothing functioned as part of the process of communication by which elite male influence, masculinity, and sexuality were made known and acknowledged, and furthermore that these concepts interconnected in socially significant ways. By Marshall J. Becker , Jean MacIntosh Turfa. The Etruscans and the History of Dentistry offers a study of the construction and use of gold dental appliances in ancient Etruscan culture, and their place within the framework of a general history of dentistry, with special emphasis on appliances, from Bronze Age Mesopotamia and Egypt to modern….

Edited by Isabelle Torrance. The volume features contributions from an…. By Katharine T. This innovative book is the first comprehensive study of ancient Roman gardens to combine literary and archaeological evidence with contemporary space theory. It applies a variety of interdisciplinary methods including access analysis, literary and gender theory to offer a critical framework for….

By Elena Blair. The possibility arose of a new focus affecting…. Displaying the Ideals of Antiquity investigates the study and display of ancient sculpture from archaeological, art historical, and museum studies perspectives. Ancient sculptures not only give us knowledge about ancient Greek and Roman pasts, but they also mediate ideals that inform modern…. For all that Cicero is often seen as the father of translation theory, his and other Roman comments on translation are often divorced from the complicated environments that produced them.

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  • Edited by Donald Lateiner , Barbara K. Gold , Judith Perkins. This cutting-edge collection of essays offers provocative studies of ancient history, literature, gender identifications and roles, and subsequent interpretations of the republican and imperial Roman past. TransAntiquity explores transgender practices, in particular cross-dressing, and their literary and figurative representations in antiquity. It offers a ground-breaking study of cross-dressing, both the social practice and its conceptualization, and its interaction with normative prescriptions on….

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    By Andreas Serafim. In a society where public speech was integral to the decision-making process, and where all affairs pertaining to the community were the subject of democratic debate, the communication between the speaker and his audience in the public forum, whether the law-court or the Assembly, cannot be…. Not surprisingly these sixth- and seventh-century biographies of repentant harlots and cross-dressing holy women were a great literary success.

    They were usually built on precise narrative patterns which, by virtue of their novelistic traits, highlight relationships and the social roles of both genders. The latest work in the first category but perhaps the most famous late antique hagiographical text of all is the seventh-century Life of St Mary of Egypt BHG As a work of Palestinian origin, it is discussed in detail in the relevant chapter.

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    What can be said here is that this is a vita embedded in the vita of the abba Zosimas , who transmits to the reader the fascinating story of Maria, former harlot in Alexandria and repentant ascetic hiding in the desert. For once in a Byzantine saintly biography the narrative unfolds not in straightforward linear but in retrospective fashion.

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    By contrast, the vita of St Pelagia BHG , which is earlier and seems to have a historical core, appears more reserved about such matters. The story has James the Deacon as a narrator introducing the bishop Nonnos who, before an assembly of his peers, confesses his attraction to the beauty of the prostitute Pelagia, whom he had seen parading in a luxurious fashion through the streets of Antioch. Originally composed in Syriac, this rather bizarre text divides the stories of its two protagonists into two distinct sections.

    Considering herself guilty of mortal sin, she set out to live as a harlot in an inn. Reading the Lives of the Early Saints , — The vita of Theodora of Alexandria BHG , dating from no later than the sixth century, strays into somewhat different territory. The protagonist, who lived in the reign of the Emperor Zeno — , is an adulterous woman who, by fleeing to the desert, tries to overcome her sense of guilt.

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    The story unfolds in successive theatrical dialogues and the author insists on the repercussions of her illegal passion and on her conversion from sin to repentance, self-punishment and ascetic toil. The theme of cross-dressing holy women is finally traceable in the Narrationes attributed to or associated with Daniel of Sketis respectively BHG z—f and BHG 79—80e, —j, —b, —5, —b , especially those concerning Anastasia the patrician and Andronikos the money-dealer and his wife Athanasia.

    As already suggested, full-length biographies of distinguished holy men and women like those of Arsenios, Mary of Egypt and Synkletike, must have grown out of a tendency to elaborate on short tales found in collections of apophthegmata , such as the sayings of the Desert Fathers and anecdotes of edifying character. Indeed, when in ca. Detailed discussion of its content also by Urbainszyk, Theodoret of Cyrrhus. The Bishop and the Holy Man. Obviously, Theodoret assigns to them a meaning broader than that of a plainly-narrated story.

    Granted, all these narrative traits would not have markedly contrasted Theodoret from all the other hagiographers who practised this kind of literature in late antiquity.